Reading time 1ab: Marcel – a famous detective

Do you know Marcel, the famous detective? Well, the pupils of the 1a and 1b definitely do, because they read two very exciting stories about the brave mouse, that catches burglars, thieves and criminals. Find out more about the two English-books below.

Marcel and the white star: Marcel, the famous detective, lives in Paris. One evening, two thieves steal a very expensive diamond ring – the “White Star”. Then they steal a car. Marcel follows them across Paris to a café. Can he get the “White Star” and bring it back? 

Marcel goes to Hollywood: Marcel and his friend Celine are on holiday in Los Angeles. They are staying in the home of Arnold Waldman, a famous film director. But on the first night of their holiday, kidnappers take away Arnold’s daughter… 

After reading the book, the pupils created a nice and colourful drawing of their favourite scene. Here are some of the results: 

Ein Bericht von Ulla Boxhofer und Nathalie Klammer 


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