English Immersion Week

The second week of the school year is always a special week for the pupils of the 4th forms – especially in this year. Due to the current situation, we were not quite sure if the English week could take place as usual, but luckily everything went well. 
The English Immersion Week is always a great and unique experience – five days full of English, creativity, fun and laughter. As there are always six (very exhausting ;) ) English lessons in the morning, the pupils don’t have any lessons in the afternoon during this week. 
This year the two classes were split into 4 groups and taught by 4 native speakers from Ireland, America, England and Australia. 
But of course, these weren’t any normal lessons. The kids of the 4a and 4b played entertaining games and quizzes outside, they did funny worksheets, they produced their own video clip which they presented within their group and of course, they weren’t allowed to speak German at all. Unfortunately, the final presentation had to be canceled this year, but all of us are definitely looking forward to another extraordinary and hilarious performance in the upcoming school year. 

Ein Bericht von Nathalie Klammer 


1. Stunde: 07.55 - 08.45 Uhr
2. Stunde: 08.50 - 09.40 Uhr
3. Stunde: 09.45 - 10.35 Uhr
Große Pause
4. Stunde: 10.55 - 11.45 Uhr
5. Stunde: 11.50 - 12.40 Uhr
6. Stunde: 12.40 - 13.30 Uhr

Der Nachmittagsunterricht beginnt je nach Möglichkeit um 13.10 oder um 14.00 Uhr.


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