In the week before our term holiday, we organized our yearly English Project Week for the 4th forms. The three native speakers tailor the project week to the unique needs of our pupils. They help our students improve their general English. The aim of the week is to get our pupils to practise their language skills, especially speaking and listening skills, by creating an international setting in the classroom. The project lessons are structured based on various teaching methodologies which support the learners’ self-confidence, encourage courage, and make learning the English language more accessible. A great “Thank you” goes to the ambitious native speakers who always succeed in motivating our students.

Ein Bericht von Anna Leitner-Wolfinger & Betina Obermüller

Here are some impressions written by the pupils of the 4a and 4b:

Anja 4a: Unfortunately, I wasn’t at school the first two days, but on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I had the chance to take part in the English week. I was in Emma’s group. Every day we worked on a different project. In the meantime, we played various funny games. Emma was really nice and cool. Mostly the games we played were very funny. I liked the creative projects best in which we had the choice what to learn, when and where. Sometimes we also went out and played basketball or football. In my opinion the week was interesting and cool. To put it in a nutshell it was different to a “normal” school week. 

Emil M. 4b: My teacher was Emma and I think the week was enjoyable because we played a lot of games and had great fun. We made presentations about crazy plants, made nice videos, played games on the board, and did a lot of speaking activities. I would have liked to do more projects, but unfortunately, the week went by too fast.

Miriam 4a: I think the English week was extremely cool. Our English teacher was both nice and funny. I liked best that we wrote a story and that we played games with Phil’s group. Twice we went to the gym which was great fun. 

Leonie Mayr 4b: Our teacher for the English week was Emma who is very nice but a bit stricter than the other teachers. The best thing of the week were the games we played, which were very amusing. We also went outside to the sports field and to the gym. Furthermore, we had to make videos and give a small presentation. I found the lessons very interesting and funny. At the end of the week, all groups watched the videos together. I learned a lot during that week and now I’m even more interested in English.

Georg 4a: I think the last week helped me to improve my English knowledge. Phil, our English teacher, was very kind and we worked on many different projects, like Media “Schorsch”. Furthermore, we played a lot of different games that were very entertaining. However, I didn’t like the Kahoots which were boring. But it was great that a football tournament was organised with all groups. The teams were fair, and it was great fun. Moreover. I am convinced this week with the native speakers at school compared to a language week somewhere in an English speaking country is cheaper. All in all, I would say our group was very productive and I would like to have an English week like this again. 

Marlena 4b: I liked the English week very much and the teachers were very friendly. We played a lot of nice games and had great fun in the gym. My teacher was a bit strict but also very kind. I would have preferred to do much more with the other groups. Luckily, we were allowed to meet the others during the breaks. In the PE lessons we played basketball and did some gymnastics.
It was a pity that John – my teacher from last year - couldn’t come this time. Anyway, the English week went by too quickly. 


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