Studiereis Linz 2018, dinsdag 15 mei t/m vrijdag 18 mei

Guess the language in which the headline is written! It is the mother tongue of our guests from the Netherlands. We did a school exchange to broaden both our students‘ of the 3a and 3b and the teachers‘ international outlook and intercultural awareness. It’s also a way to improve the language learning experience by using English as a lingua franca. 

The Dutch students visited us for two days. The following statements will give you an impression of what was going on. 

Welcome to Austria!

We hope you had a great journey. The 3b is very happy that you are here today and we are looking forward to spending the next two days in company with each other. (Agnes, Mia, Katharina P, Louise 3b)

Welcome to our school! We all hope you will have a good time in this great city. We have only been writing emails. Now we can meet face to face. We will have a lot of fun together. Enjoy your stay here in Linz. (Lena 3a) 

On the first day we did a puzzlehunt, we baked all in all 32 small ‘Linzer Torten’ and we played games in the gym. In the afternoon, we went to the ‘Voestalpine Stahlwelt’ where we took part in a very interesting tour. (Elena, Silvie 3b)

On Thursday, we went to the IT-rooms where we were interviewed about our eating habits by the Dutch students. All in all, it was a very exciting and funny time. (Forentina, Lara 3b)

After that we went to the climbing hall in Auwiesen. Finally, we had to say goodbye to our Dutch friends. It was so funny and we already miss Puck. It was very interesting to speak English with Bram. (Kathi P, David T 3b)

I liked the two days very much because we learned a lot of new words and we got some information on the Dutch lifestyle. (Selin 3a)

It was great with them because we have the same hobbies and so we could talk about football and other sports. (Theo 3a)

I really enjoyed the two days with the Dutch students. It was a little bit crazy to speak English all the time. (Numa 3a)

I think it was a lot of fun because we met new people from another country. We spoke English all the time. (Alex 3a)

We spent a great time and we all hope we see them again. (Elli 3a)


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Der Nachmittagsunterricht beginnt je nach Möglichkeit um 13.10 oder um 14.00 Uhr.


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